Death By Technology


“I was affraid once I understood the power of my own technology (V2). Then I became terrified at how it would affect the human race when it is misused like all our other technologies.”
- Dan Thomas

  This is what happens when you understand, discover or develop technologies of high magnitude.

  Here you will see Elon Musk with the same realization.  
  We are no match for Technology!  



We Don't have to live like This!!!
Global Warming / Climate Change Hunger
Infrastructure Colapse Man vs Robotics & Automation Man vs Artificial Intelligence Big Brother
Climate change - Drought Climate Change Man vs Machine - Technological Unemployment Police State

Our problems with technology have been with us for many decades. Just like climate change we didn’t listen to the warnings and here we are!!!

“Do you still think you can Afford to doubt ME?”
- Dan Thomas