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You can't handle the truth.

The Cyber World

What is the Cyber World?



Some think it is the world of online computers and communications which implies today's fast-moving high-technology world online. That is one way to look at it if you are into abstractions and distractions. We are interested in something more tangible and real; so we've redifined the term to give it the power and meaning that it deserves.


The Cyber World -
. An online world where users have the mechanisms in place to transact any business or     personal activity as easily and freely as they can transact them in the physical world.
2. An environment for sophisticated online computing.
3. The futuristic online world of computing.


This Obviously means the cyber world does not exist. Up to now we’ve been having a lot of fun online using a web of documents and data. After 20 years of surfing, maybe it's time to get serious.  It seems we've gotten ourselves caught in a web and we don’t know how to get out.


The Cyber World is the way out. If we intend to do more advanced things on-line, then we will have to change the fundementals of the game.


Welcome to the Cyber World. What is the Cyber World? The Cyber World is a digital extension of yourself interacting with a digital extension of  our  real world in a Virtual enviornment. It should be obvious you can’t build virtual extensions on a web or web pages. We have to have something much more sophisticated. So welcome to the Cyber World.


These digital extensions will give the ordinary user extrordinary capabilities compared to todays standards.
The Cyber World will allow the internet to move to a more advanced level of online computing. Things like voting, attending classes, purchasing homes and automobiles, court proceedings, job interviews, grocery shopping, Medical care and diagnostics, computer and home appliance maintenance and diagnostics, real time monitoring and enforcement of cyber crime, etc., will all be done online with ease. Many expected the web to produce all these things, but the dot com meltdown was the first sign that web technology was not up to the challenge. This is the simple part. Maybe not so simple for the web but we are dealing with a Super Technology. The Cyber World's goals and capabilities will reach much higher. The Cyber World has the ability to set the human race free. Free from itself, business and government. If there is one thing we've learned from the web, is that freedom will grow anything. It is like fertilizer. The Internet enhanced by the Web is the purest expression of Freedom and Democracy the world has ever known. Yet, there are people who want to limit this freedom in order to control it - in order to make money. This is backwards. It's very simple, you only need a little imagination. Because we live in digital age, it is no longer necessary to divide and conquer to profit. In a digital age, this will only lead to failure. There is a new recipe for profiting in the digital age. Adding Freedom = Big Profits. No one says no to freedom and yes to slavery.  The Internet enhanced by the Cyber World will give the human race true Freedom and Autonomy.

The quickest way to experience the Cyber World is to donate. Big business can't and won't build it because they can't use it to control you. Support yourself, support the Cyber World...

Below is the cover of wired magazine. It is one of many outbursts which acknowledges what we've been saying since 2004. "The Web is a Dead End". That's a good thing. It's just the beginning - Not the End...


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The New Frontier

The Cyber World is truly a new frontier. It will give us the opportunity to make huge gains in many areas. This is only possible because it will take shape in a new world that is untamed and untainted by the rest of the world. It will be like a fresh start on a whole new planet or continent, similar to events set in motion by the adventures of Christopher Columbus to the Americas.




Welcome to the First Phase and the New Frontier…



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