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Something is Wrong with the World





For those who have not quite noticed it yet, we seem to be living in a world that is upside down. We produce more than enough food to feed the world but millions or starving every year. Millions are even starving in the United States the richest country on the planet. We have the capacity to produce an abundance of all kinds of goods and services yet many of us will go without while stockpiles build and then go to waste. Something is wrong. 40 million people in the richest country on earth can’t afford health insurance and or medical attention. This means it is much worse for countries that are not as fortunate if I can call it that. All over the world there is plenty of work that needs to be done but there are 3 billion people all over the world under and or unemployed. 36 million Americans live in poverty. There are an estimated 760,000 homeless Americans. These are all things we have the resources to handle but yet we don’t.


Stagnant and failing wages along with moderate to high rising costs every year for most goods and services are starting to have a compounding effect on the middle and the poor in all countries. There is an ever widening gap between the rich and the poor where the top 10% holds 57% of the net wealth in the United States. (… more details)


There are many other examples like above that we could add but it all comes down to this. Nothing significant will change unless we have a way to make some fundamental changes. These are all huge problems that we will never be able to fix unless we can address the root cause.  The root cause is capitalism fueled by technology. For more clarity on this subject read "Death By Technology" if you have not already. If you are more scientifically/technically inclined you should also read “Digital Failure”. This is a scientific explanation of the what, why and how we got here. Let there be no mistake about it, democratic capitalism has never been an efficient way to distribute wealth or resources. However, democratic capitalism was better than nothing and the alternative (totalitarian socialism/communism). Don't be confused. All forms and uses of socialism are not bad or evil. Just ask the banks after huge bailouts and the rich, after huge tax cuts. But there is a better way. What is that better way? That has to be the bazillion dollar question.


What I am about to tell you has never been heard, written or seen before anywhere else.


In order to solve our problems we will have to do the unthinkable and the unheard of. “We will have to buy ourselves out of capitalism. That’s right; we will have to buy our freedom. "It takes a capitalist to beat a capitalist." Capitalism was probably a necessary evil, but we've become slaves to it. I wouldn't dismiss this statement as just a piece of unwaranted rhetoric. All of us have only known a life of pure capitilism, and we are doomed to die by it becuase we can comprehend no other.


We bought into capitalism and we can buy our way out. It has become a form of slavery. The list of things I discussed earlier are signs that capitalism is failing. Karl Marx knew as early as the mid 1800’s that capitalism would fail. He spent his whole life advocating against capitalism. The only problem was that the replacement (totalitarian socialism/communism) was worse. Capitalism keeps us on a treadmill. It is roller coaster of consumption which we can no longer afford or sustain. The only way to buy ourselves out of capitalism is to augment it and eventually replace it with something better.


I don’t expect you to except or understand this all at once. Computer scientists, Economists and Rocket scientist don’t even get it. If they did we wouldn't be in this mess. I just gave you the what, why and how. At least now, you know you have a choice.


Many people will think this is too fantastic. They will say there is no way we can fix this mess. Then why are you here. If you have no hope are disire, why are you here. Many of us have given up long ago. They prefer to wait for some apocalyptic Armageddon. Some of us are looking for some simple explanation and resolution requiring no effort or sacrifice. Our problems are not simple, so grasping and dealing with the full depth of the solution will not be as simple as reading a few web pages. We've completed 2 books to draw a complete picture of what the world could be like and more important, how to get there. The rest is up to you. Now for the first time we have a choice. We don’t have to live like this if we choose not to. Human beings no longer have to toil as we have done for thousands of years. Computers are capable of executing trillions of instructions per second. This is the shear ability and power to do work. We are no match for computers, but we've foolishly allowed ourselves to be pitted against the ultimate machine. Computers and other technologies can take the brunt of our burden right now. That has always been the promise of technology. We don’t have to wait any longer. The time is here, the time is now, the time is now….




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