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The time has come for computer scientist, programmers, information systems specialist etc... to take their place and cement it in the higher echelon of professions. We have an opportunity like no other to move computing and our world far beyond the boundaries we once thought impossible to breach. Now we have “the ability” and “the need” to move from a support role of business to a primary role of support for humanity. Imagine a world where the technology of business is more important than the business, because without the technology there is no business.

It is Ironic how the things that have gotten us this far in computing are the same things that are now holding us back. Microsoft and the Web have been the most significant forces in computing in this century and the last. Neither has the vision or a connection to a NeXus, as far as where we go from here. All Microsoft has to offer is another version of there operating system. We know there has to be more to computing and the internet than this. We can feel it in our bones. There was never a time when one profession had so much power to improve the lives of so many. It is your destiny. It is your future. The power and responsibility  has been placed in our hands by the Computer and the Internet.

To harvest the real potential of the net, we will have to go back to the fundamentals. We will have to build a foundation on the net. It is the only thing that will support the most important infrastructure on this planet. That structure is called D.I.C. (The Digital Industrial Complex A.K.A "Dice"). Doctors have hospitals, Laywers have court rooms, Computers Scientist will have The Digital Industrial Complex. Dice will be a defining moment in the evolution of computing.

Are you ready for the journey? Are you ready to venture into a world where the net comes to you, and then it becomes you?

Are you ready to leave Kansas?


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