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System Failure
Internet Civics 101
Digital Failure

Somethings Wrong

System Failure


 Death by Technology



 “The Super Technology Among Us” 

What if there was a technology that could cure all the ills of this planet? After all, most of the serious problems we face in the world today are man made and driven by technology. Surely there must be a way to cure our planet’s condition as it is sure only to worsen. The fate of 7 billion+ human beings and their descendants depend on it.


In just a moment I will lay out the case, not only does the cure exist, but the dangers of not preparing for the inevitable - the increasing break down of our societies and economic systems as a result of the constant acceleration of technology.


Never in the history of this planet have all the forces come together to allow the existence of a Super Technology. Minor and Major technologies like Electricity, the telephone, microprocessors, the steam engine, etc, have made an enormous impact on our world. One of the biggest problems with technology is getting them to play well together (convergence). In many cases we hamper that process even more with laws, ideology and turfdom because we don’t have the means to cope with the complexity that it would take to integrate technologies efficiently.  In the end, no matter how fantastic a major or minor technology is, we probably will only get 40% – 60% convergence with other technologies. The capability to coordinate and build technologies for better use and integration just doesn’t exist. Or does it? Is there a technology that could raise the level of convergence to 90% or even 100%. The digital age brought on a movement and enthusiasm to converge all technologies. Another term for this is total convergence. The realization of this concept has eluded us. Can a Super Technology produce an environment to sustain total convergence? The first big step towards supporting a Super Technology was the invention of the computer. This gives machines the logical intelligence and the ability to do work. Then came digitization. This gave us a way to present our real world to computers in the form of 0 and 1’s. Now computers only need a way to touch our world. Yes you guessed it, the internet, the final and most crucial of the trinity. Now all the machines and our world can be connected.


So what is wrong? We have computers, we have digitization and connectivity. The trinity is complete, so what is missing? Why isn’t the internet living up to its potential? Some might say “what potential?” Most of us take the internet for granted because we only see it being used in such trivial ways. The internet without a doubt is the most powerful medium of all time. It has the ability to run, connect and control every other medium/technology (TV, Radio, Telephone, electricity, Print, etc...) simultaneously and all this at the speed of light. It connects 1 billion soon to be many billion people and even more devices, governments, societies, business, homes etc. It is the only medium/technology powerful enough to set the human race free. It is without a doubt the most powerful force to be reckoned with on this planet. You could call it the Super Medium. So what is holding it back? You will have to see it for yourself... I can show you the door, but you will have to open it for yourself...



The Super Technologyargy
Any technology that has the ability to harness the most powerful medium of all time is the first one and only super technology. Why is this so significant or different from anything that has happened in the past?  It is important because of the realm of possibilities that most of us could only dream of. These dreams can become reality. The Super Technology will allow us to solve problems of complexity on a scale that is not natural for most of us to think of. We don’t live or think in such a paradigm. The Super Technology in itself is a major paradigm shift but it happens in a blink of an eye instead of 10’s, 100’s or even 1000’s of years.


What does all this mean for the human race?
The human race is fragmented into billions of little pieces. The internet coupled with a foundation will allow us to efficiently connect these pieces so that they become one. If we had the ability to work together, then anything and everything is possible. If we had the technology to work together, do you think we could eradicate hunger, homelessness, human suffering and despair? Of course the technology will generate more wealth than was ever possible. It is not just a matter of economics; it is a matter of improving the human condition. You have to wonder, with all this information highway, why can’t we do simple things like voting on line? Why do I still have to go to the DMV to get my license tags? These are simple things to do but they are not feasible or safe in our present environment/paradigm. Today we have an information highway full of road blocks with the certainty of becoming much worse.


Well, that was the good news.

There is a bad side to all this progress. As usual, we are not socially mature enough to cope with technology. If the past is a half decent indicator then this will probably be the case in the near future also.

Technology will bring a level of automation on a scale like nothing we have ever seen before. Once the automation starts to take hold the effects will throw our whole civilization out of wack, similar to what is going on today but much worse. Today the effects of automation are subtle but very significant. Today our society tends to ignore the drones of the silent stalking menace to the most important fabric of our social and economic being (jobs). The menace is automation and technology acceleration. Technology has been eating at our economic systems like a cancer. We have pretty much ignored the symptoms, slow job growth, massive layoffs, corruption, jobless recoveries, globalization, outsourcing, the steady replacement of high paying jobs with low paying jobs and of course job eradication. We are still operating with a pre-information age mentality. There is no other killer of employment more devastating then technology, both direct and indirect. It has always been there. It is the unstoppable force that has always disrupted or destabilized our economies.


Every economy in the world is currently experiencing a slow and painful Death by Technology”. There will be some upturns in our economies  to lull us into a false sense of normalcy and then the downturns will come and put things back into perspective, except the downers will become longer and worse,  the uppers will become less and far shorter and then who knows how it all ends… A total economic collapse is inevitable if we fail to "ACT!" 




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